About our Webmaster

Edgehill is proud to have DV Productions as our Web Designer and Webmaster. Headed by David Vartanian, DV has created interactive kiosks for the Greater Milwaukee Open and Quad Cities (now John Deere) Classic PGA Tour events. He also created wisgolf.com, one of the first golf directories published on the Internet. Since its inception in 1995, wisgolf.com has provided course information, directions and other services to over 1,000,000 Wisconsin residents and visitors.

DV specializes in cost-effective web site development and designs that speed download time and minimize hosting costs. He has effectively worked to interface with GolfSwitch Internet reservation technology and has a wide variety of design capabilities.

In addition to his degree in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Vartanian is an award winning sound engineer who has worked with artists such as Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads, Daryl Stuermer (Genesis & Phil Collins), the Violent Femmes and Bobby McFerrin. He has provided technical assistance to San Francisco based garageband.com and has a couple gold records up on his studio wall.

We have provided a Web Sign Up Form on this web site. If you are interested in using DV’s services, this form will provide information on content and costs. You may download the form and/or contact Edgehill for more information.