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Edgehill Web Page Sign Up Form

Course Name _____________________________________________________
Street Address ____________________________________________________
City ________________________________State___________ Zip__________
Telephone _______________________Fax_____________________________
E-Mail _____________________________________
Home Page (URL) Address: Existing (or new) ___________________________
2nd Choice:___________________________
3rd Choice:___________________________

Public _______ Private ________ Semi-Private _______ Municipal ______ Resort ______

____ 9 _____ 18 _____ 27 _____ 36 _____45 _____ 54

Golf Course Architect ____________________________________ Year ________


General Manager _________________________________ Board of Directors _____Yes _____No
PGA Professional _________________________________
Superintendent __________________________________ Management Company ___Yes ___No
Food & Beverage Manager _________________________
Membership Director ______________________________ Name __________________________
Other Management ________________________________ Contact _________________________

RATE Schedules
Include rate card as alternative

9 Hole $ ____________ ____________ 9 Hole $__________
18 Hole $ ____________ ____________ 18 Hole $__________
9 Hole $ ____________ ____________ Other $__________
18 Hole $ ____________ ____________
Promotion $ ____________ ____________
Promotion $ ____________ ____________
Promotion $ ____________ ____________
Promotion $ ____________ ____________

Promotion = Senior Discounts, Junior, Time of Day, Seasonal, etc. Please note if promotions include golf cart.

Edgehill Web Page Sign Up Form

Course Pictures: May include up to 3 course pictures. Please provide prints that may be retained by the WebMaster for update files.

Scorecard: Please include course scorecard and USGA rating information.

Map: Webmaster will develop a map for your website. Please include any specific directions and/or distances from major cities, if applicable or desired.

Awards and/or ranking information: Please include any national or state ranking information as you would like it to appear on your Website. Edgehill reserves the right to verify all information provided to insure accuracy.

Editorial Content: You may include up to 100 words of editorial course descriptions and/or testimonials to be included in your Website.

Promotional Offers: If you would like to include a downloadable coupon or promotional rate by e-mail, please include details of the promotion.

All materials will be submitted for your approval prior to posting on your Website.


1. WebSite development (includes the above information) $ 300.00
2. Domain Name Registration ( 2 Year Internik fee) $ 70.00
3. Annual Web Hosting Charge $ 120.00
4. Web Host set-up charge $ 25.00

Total Cost $ 415.00

Please note that this price includes Domain Name Registration for 2 full years. 2nd year renewals will be available for only the cost of the Annual Web Hosting charge (subject to any price increases from our Web Host) and a “text only” update fee of $25.00 for a total 2nd year cost of $145.00. Our Web Host has not raised their prices in 3 years, so any increase should be nominal.

Additional Available Services

1. Promotional Changes (per change) $ 20.00
2. Monthly Hit data (# of hits/month via e-mail) – Annual $ 36.00
3. E-mail download activity w/e-mail list – Annual $ 60.00

Edgehill will be developing other activities that will enhance the use of your Website and provide opportunities for you to generate income and/or other promotional efforts using your Website. Edgehill will not use the data generated on your Website without your permission.