Edgehill Software Applications

Over the years Edgehill has been asked to evaluate golf operations for a variety of purposes. Our fundamental starting point is usually with round counts. When we are managing courses on a day-to-day basis, we also emphasize accurate round counts. Once we have accurate round counts we can do a number of calculations and generate some very useful management information.

Some of you will recognize this process as elementary, but many golf course owners and/or managers do not have the time to do many of these exercises on a regular basis. Our applications are designed to make some of this analysis easier and faster.

GREENS FEE REVENUE ANALYSIS (Click on Software samples to view sample report)

We have worked with three different software systems and the round count data necessary for running this program is found on all three (Fore Reservations, Fairway Systems and ProphetLine). If you are using Fore Reservations, you would run an “Item Sales by Product Category” report for the full year for each greens fee Sales Account Number. Using that round count data, this application will help you determine the following:

Calculates the impact of annual rate changes on revenue

Allows calculation of the impact of a promotional rate

Can project multiple variations of rate changes

Example 1: If you want to raise your 18 Hole Fees by $2 and 9 Hole Fees by $1, the application will tell you how much your revenue will increase.

Example 2: If you want to institute a promotional rate, you can add the rate in one of the “Other” rate lines and estimate the number of rounds that will be played at that rate. You will also need to subtract rounds from the appropriate regular rate that would normally apply. By running a variety of scenarios through this application, you will be able to determine how many more promotional rounds you will need to make the promotional rate increase your revenue.

Example 3: You can use this application to run infinite variations. If you want to raise your rates significantly, and you know this will decrease round counts; you can determine what is the breakeven for rate and rounds.

This application runs in Excel, so anybody with basic Excel skills can run it. This application is available from Edgehill for $75.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. Wisconsin residents add $4.25 sales tax.

Edgehill will also run this analysis on a custom basis with up to 5 completely different rate schedules and round variations for $125.00.

An order form is available for download, just click on order form off the Home Page Menu.

If you have any questions, you may email edgehillgolf@msn.com or call (262)241-7088.


18 Hole Example

27 Hole Example

Monthly Example

This is a lengthy program that will generate a 6 Year business plan. It can also be used to generate a month-by-month annual budget. This program requires more Excel familiarity than our Greens Fee Analysis, but is very comprehensive. Once you have used it for a short time, it becomes a very useful and easy to use tool.

The BUDGET SOFTWARE breaks down revenues and expenses by department and is designed to correspond to a variety of expense categories in each of 4 Departments (Golf Operations, Maintenance, Food & Beverage and General and Administrative). This software can be used for internal budgeting and also for course valuation for acquisition purposes. It can also be used to project the financial performance of new courses.

A sample copy of the Summary Page is viewable by clicking on the Budget Sample on the Home Page Menu. A complete 8 Page Sample report can be mailed out for review. We do require that $10.00 be sent to cover Shipping and Handling. To order a sample, use the Order Form off the Home Page. We can accommodate a limited number of fax requests at no charge, but you will have to rely on our convenience for that service.

The BUDGET ANALYSIS SOFTWARE is available for $490.00 plus $6.00 Shipping and Handling. With the order you receive the templates for both the 6 Year and Annual Models.

Edgehill can also do custom preparation of these models. Quotations and information on the data necessary to complete the custom prepared models are available upon request via email to edgehillgolf@msn.com or via telephone at (262)241-7088.
om prepared models are available upon request via email to edgehillgolf@msn.com or via telephone at (262)241-7088.