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Pellucid Press Release

Response to the Customer Franchise Analysis concept at the PGA Show in Orlando was overwhelmingly positive. Just prior to the Show, Pellucid and Edgehill completed CFA’s for additional clients using Crescent Systems and FORE Reservations Software. The CFA will help individual golf courses better evaluate their customers in terms of value and retention:

&Mac183; Identifies Retained, Lost and Acquired Customers
&Mac183; Ranks Customers by relative revenue
&Mac183; Evaluates quality of contact information
&Mac183; Show what customers increased and/or decreased spending

The CFA Report is usually done on a baseline annual comparison, but can be done to compare any two specific time periods. The CFA Report can then be done monthly to track and contact Lost Customers within 30 days, if desired.

As a result of the PGA Show, Pellucid and Edgehill will be assisting in the development of a CFA module for Fairway Systems of Englewood, CO. This collaboration will also result in the introduction of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) into the CFA program for the purpose of plotting Customer Dispersion.

Also at the PGA Show, Pellucid introduced the Local Market Analysis software tool. Developed in coordination with SRC, the developers of demographics.com, the LMA will allow Pellucid to look at a specific geographic area by mapping golf course facilities and projecting golf participation based on the underlying golf demand. Using other Pellucid data sources, course reported rounds are also included in the LMA for comparative purposes. This web-based product may be used for the following:

&Mac183; Course Owner/Managers for a Local Market Snapshot
&Mac183; Appraisers for multiple Queries under a license agreement
&Mac183; Golf Course Management Companies for multiple Facilities

For further information contact:

Jim Koppenhaver, President, Pellucid Corp. (847)808-7651 or email

Stuart Lindsay, President, Edgehill, (262)241-7088, or email edgehillgolf@msn.com