Founded in 1989 to provide advice to a group of investors in a golf
project, EDGEHILL now provides a variety of consultational services
within the golf industry. Primarily active in Wisconsin, we also have
provided advisory services to clients in Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado,
Massachusettes and Arizona
With the increased interest in golf from the general population, golfis
being forced to adapt to new challenges EDGEHILL'S purpose is to
help clients better their opportunities within this new climate.
Our services are focused to assist in the following areas:

Financial Analysis, Planning and Feasability
Development and Management
Customer Service Policies and Procedures
Demographics, Market Positioning and Awareness
Management Analysis and Employee Motivation
Cost Control and Revenue Enhancement

EDGEHILL is attuned to trends within most segments of the golf
industry. Due to the wide range of experience and business interests of
the Edgehill partners; we are able to convey and translate that experience
to help our clients achieve their goals
While we believe that demographics and other socio-economic factors
provide continued support for the economic vitality of golf course
operations; golfis a business. Increasing governmental regulatory
involvement and recent tax law changes provide excellent examples of
why a golf course operation must stay abreast of current developments
and be prepared to adjust to new challenges
EDGEHILL has consulted with private, l11unicipal and daily-fee golf
course clients in addition to various businesses and non-profit organiza-
tions within the golf industry. Our primary role is to improve each
client's chances for success and help keep our clients aware of new
challenges and opportunities

Financial Analysis, Planning and Feasibility
A sound business plan is more than a necessary evil. Lenders, investors and
vendors are placing more emphasis than ever on not only past results, but
on future anticipated results of a golf operation
EDGEHILL can assist in the development of a sound financial plan. That
plan may include a cost/value analysis of planned improvements and
refinancing options.
Our analysis is designed to bc a valuable management exercise The
process is also designed to help focus on goals and project feasibility.
Development and Management
EDGEHILL has supervised the creation of golf facilities from initial
feasibility and concept to completion. Edgehill partners have also been
responsible for the day-to-day management of private, municipal and
daily-fee golf facilities.
We have also done feasibility analyses for course improvements and
additions. We have also been involved in course design and playability
issues for a variety of clicnts.
EDGEHILL can provide construction supervision, full-time operation
management on-site or simply function as an advisor to monitor results
Our approach to a particular project is tailored to match the needs of
each individual client.
Customer Service Policies and Procedures
Golf is a hospitality business. Basic policies and procedures are intrinsic
to the identity which is established within the golf environment.
EDGEHILL will look over your operation in order to determine if certain
changes are necessary or possible Many adjustments can be made at
little or no cost and provide service and revenue enhancement.
Demographics, Market Positioning and Awareness
What is a market identity, and where do we fit? Despite increasing
popularity, golf remains a very competitive business. EDGEHILL can
help you assess your current identity and market position. We can also
work with you to determine if changes are possible and/or practical.
Your current marketing efforts mayor may not be applicable to your
identity. By going through your current program, we can help you
maximize the impact of your marketing expenditures.

Management Analysis and Employee Motivation
Efficient management is becoming more important to success.
Too often, one of the most overlooked aspects of management is
employee motivation.
One major problem is that employees do not understand the goals or
expectations of management. It is also sometimes difficult for manage-
ment to communicate that information
Third party communication can be effective in overcoming this frequent
problem. Beginning with management and staff interviews, EDGEHILL
can help evaluate expectations and facilitate the transfer of information
through the management/staff ranks
Cost Control and Revenue Enhancement
Wc have emphasized that golf is a .competitive business. Long range
success in any business requires providing value to its customers
Effective cost control and maximum utilization of revenue opportunities
are the prime components in creating a perception of value.
EDGEHILL can help you in many areas Should we use contract maintc-
nance for some chores? How can we optimize our maintenance labor
hours? How can we more effectively manage our tee sheet? These are
just a few of the questions EDGEHILL can help you answer.
How to Use Edgehill Services
Our services are available on an hourly or project fee basis. An initial
consultation or site visit will initiate a fee quotation and project outline.
All projects are completed and summarized in written form. The partners
of EDGEHILL are all qualified golf personnel with extensive experience
in operations and management. Additional outside experts are utilized
when necessary to augment the quality of project results. Any outside
fees are included in our project cost quotation
EDGEHILL references are available upon request. For additional
information, contact Stuart C. Lindsay, President